Free Update for V Collection 9 owners

To keep your creativity fresh and your inspiration flowing, we’re always on a mission to improve and enrich our hardware and software with regular updates.

Allow us to introduce V Collection 9.2, a free download for V Collection users that adds workflow enhancements, performance fixes, and creative additions to your virtual studio.

Free update for V Collection 9 owners

What’s included?

Discover improvements, tweaks, and performance fixes to make your virtual sound exploration more personal & enjoyable than ever.

NKS VST3 Support

V Collection’s instruments are now compatible with NKS VST3.

Apple M1 & AAX Support

V Collection’s instruments are now compatible with Apple’s M1 chips, and they now support AAX.

Additional MPE support

CZ V and CMI V now feature MPE support.

Additional microtuning support

CZ V, CMI V, Buchla Easel V and Synthi V now support Oddsound MTS-ESP microtuning.

Click & drag resize

V Collection’s instrument windows can now be resized simply by dragging the corner.

Multiple performance fixes

This update includes several fixes to graphics, Windows 11 compatibility, playlists, and more.