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Molten Music Technology

“Arturia has done it, designing the most extraordinary sounds you can possibly imagine”

Arturia Pigments - the intuitive review

Review from Audiofanzine


“I highly recommend you to try out Pigments, which sound pallet could perfectly fit all your tracks.

Arturia's developers keenly designed the ergonomics of the interface, in order to make it easier and intuitive for users when working with it.”

KR home-studio

“Pigments is a success. The interest of this instrument is double: a powerful synthesizer and a real learning tool (...) Pigments reconciles the look and listening.”

AskAudio Magazine

“I’m having a great deal of fun with it. And we’re clearing at a new generation of advanced soft synths.

Then on top of all of that, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Pigments is really a synth combined with a sequencer. The polyphonic sequencer/arpeggiator is full of trigger options and settings that mean it’s totally possible to fire up Pigments in standalone mode and make a whole piece, just as you would with a full synth workstation or modular rig.”

Starsky Carr

“If you have any sound in your head, you can pretty much get it out with Pigments!”

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

“It's one of the most powerful sampler/synthesizer you can find in the market. It's massively fun to play with!”


“Arturia keeps the promises that Pigments can sound like other synths; no other synth can sound like Pigments. New vibes and tones are always helpful to stay unique with the sound you deliver.
Pigments is because of its layout and approach an outstanding way to learn how to use a Synth.”

Digital Notes

“Arturia's Pigments Synth is very flexible and versatile thanks to the combination of classic analog synth and wavetable technology. It offers many possibilities for changing the sound, but the user interface remains very clear. The sound ranges from gentle to absolutely fat.”


Rate By Futur Music ES

Future Music ES

“Pigments is a powerful synth unifying the best of virtual synthesis, it has an amazing sound and modulation options are a delight to design dynamic sounds. An excellent and flexible ally for the creation of new sounds”


“I really love Pigments 4, it’s a powerful synth and you can create many amazing sounds with it! Easy and super clean interface with great sound libraries!! A Must have in any studio!”

One Man And His Songs

“The new interface is a vast improvement, you can see how clear, intuitive and game changing this is.”

Andrew Huang

“Pigments is super deep and super flexible. The layout and visual feedback for modulation routing is the best I've ever seen in a softsynth.”

Andrew Huang on Pigments: Sound design tips

Gear Junkies

“Fairly easy to use softsynth that uses the best of Arturia has to offer when it comes to softsynths. (...) Very usable for laying down sequence basslines if you combine it with additional FX plugins that can make it sound dirtier.”


“Pigments causes a sensation.
They’ve put a lot of thoughts and expertise in software and hardware synth development to create a graphically well thought out interface. Rarely it was possible before to create or reroute such complex modulations so quickly, rarely was the introduction to the topic of wavetable synthesizers so easy. Pigments is the synthesizer for beginners. The surface is exemplary large and clear, the parameters are not hidden.”

Estrada i Studio

“Pigments sounds excellent. It is because of both perfectly built synth engines and great filters, as well as the availability of a wide range of perfectly designed wavetables (...) In terms of sound, Pigments represents the highest league, while workflow, GUI, and unbelievable possibilities of modulation and effects section can appeal to many musicians.”

Davide Puxeddu

“I use Pigments in almost all my work, both for sound design and music production. I love the different audio engines, the studio quality effects, and the huge modulation possibilities. The creative results you can get with Pigments are infinite!”


“When I began using Pigments, I found it extremly easy to grasp. It's got a user friendly UI design and visual workthrough. This allows me to quickly dial in sound design - and this new update made it much easier!”