Make your sound count

Introducing an interface that lets you leave everything connected, route anything to anything, and be more creative with your projects.

A workhorse hub of connections and smart features designed to get the job done, no matter the complexity. A powerful, reliable production tool that can be molded to suit your audio setup, your workflow, and your sound.

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It’s time your music had an upgrade

  • x16 ADAT I/O
  • x8 Analog Line DC coupled Outputs
  • x16 Analog Line Inputs
  • x1 MIDI In & 2x MIDI Out/Thru
  • Wordclock I/O
  • 24-bit AD/DA 192kHz
  • Creative FX Bundle Included

USB-C Audio Interface

32 Inputs

Ultra-low latency internal mixers

28 Outputs

Desktop or Rack mounted

Smart design

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. You need your gear to complement and enhance the way you work, and that’s the driving force behind AudioFuse 16Rig.

See how every piece of the AudioFuse 16Rig puzzle fits together to deliver a dream interface for audio & music hardware lovers.

Premium FX included

Every AudioFuse interface comes with an ever-evolving suite of creative plugins curated from our award-winning FX Collection. Refine any incoming audio with vintage studio tools, get experimental with contemporary effects, and embark on a journey through classic & modern sounds with Analog Lab.

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AudioFuse Range

The new studio reference

The AudioFuse interface range connects your computer to the world of music. Record with the highest quality, monitor with absolute precision, and bring all of your gear together to create the music you always wanted to.

High performance recallable preamps

The superb inputs of our interfaces give you the most vibrant, accurate sound around, with practically zero noise even at max gain, and enormous dynamic range. Be true to your music.

Analog signal path

The highest quality components are used in the input and output signal paths of the AudioFuse series, giving you an audiophile-quality experience with no compromise.

Powerful monitoring

Multiple outputs, integrated A/B switching, monitor mix options, and even headphone outputs with both 3.5mm and 6.35mm connectors. The AudioFuse makes monitoring a joy.

Huge versatility

Each AudioFuse interface has its own unique set of features designed to make recording as fun and easy as possible.