Make your sound unstoppable

Turn the simplest idea into music that evolves and captivates; bring boring, static stems to life with moving filters, distortion, beat repeating, and more; make mixes feel more spacious, responsive, and alive.

Interactive components

Efx MOTIONS takes the idea of adding movement and energy to your music, and transforms it into easy-to-use components that react and co-operate with each other, turning any audio source into gold.

5 motion modules

At the center of Efx MOTIONS are its 5 main audio modules, each providing a different type of sound alteration. Toggle them on & off, switch up their order, and dig into unique parameters for each one for a near limitless range of motion-based processing.

Open and close the frequencies of your incoming audio with 5 types of filtering for bubbly swells, pumping resonant risers, and subtle analog transient emphasis.

Embellish & texturize any sound with a layer of noise, with dozens of sampled noise types to explore - from analog white noise to computer keyboard mashing to cicadas chirping.

Saturate, degrade, and destroy incoming sound with 10 varieties of crunch to choose from, including Tape, Softclip, and the fuzzy Germanium.

Create variations in level for stuttering percussion, tremolo-like movements, and more.

Make full use of the stereo field by manipulating the movement of panning in sync with your projects.

Beat repeat

Chop, resample, and transform incoming audio into punchy rhythmic ideas, from subtle repeating fills to glitchy Aphex Twin-esque mayhem.

Efx MOTIONS’ Beat Repeater and FX module gives you 5 more ways to get creative with the movement of your tracks, plus 2 FX slots with 14 FX types for a sprinkle of sonic coloration.


Sample and repeat audio at a defined time division.


Sample and reverse audio based on a defined time division.


Detune incoming audio steadily or with a decaying effect.


Adjust pitch and stretch audio while preserving timing and rhythm.


Slow down incoming audio until it stops, creating a classic tape stop effect.

Hear it in action

Wrap your head around just a few of the off-world sonic adventures that await you with these compositions.

Modulation that goes deeper

Unlock an entirely new layer of polymetric modifications.

Compound audio processing with 2 assignable macros and 3 modulation generators. Modulate internal controls, make sweeping changes to presets, and get ultra-creative with designing your own complex sounds.


Assign destinations to affect almost all parameters with the turn of a single control at the top of Efx MOTIONS’ interface.


Create custom functions, 16-step sequences, random generators, and envelope followers for complex compound motion effects that evolve into infinity.

Preset library

Need some quick-fire movement, variety, or texture? Efx MOTIONS’ preset library contains everything from mix enhancements to pure chaos in motion - all you need to do is click.

Artists corner


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