Dramatic unison

Based on super unison architecture, Efx REFRACT delivers instantaneous size and character to your sound. Whether marking key moments or making sweeping transformations - bring any track to life with flare and multi-effect dispersion.

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Try it out

Try Efx REFRACT for yourself with this interactive widget. Cycle through the different effects and toggle the voice number and dry & wet control to go between an unfiltered sound to an enlarged and texturised unison sound.

Multi-effect magic

Efx REFRACT takes any audio source and spreads it across a dynamic and modifiable FX chain, allowing you to add energy, movement and power to your heart’s content.

The sound of unison

Unison refers to a process of multiplication, where the same sound or note is duplicated and played in parallel.

Like a string section in an orchestra, which has a wonderfully rich sound as a result of many instruments playing at once, unison replicates this for a chorus-like effect; with slight differences in phase leading to a sound that is more filled-out and enriched.

Efx REFRACT takes this approach of using multiple voices to enlarge and extend the width of a sound, which you can choose to do with or without the addition of powerful Mode FX.

5 FX modes

Choose to refract on its own, which can be used to enrich and widen a sound. Or disperse one of the powerful Mode FX, and unlock the uniquely expressive potential of Efx REFRACT.

Use the Bandpass filter for a classic attenuation effect, allowing you to create sweeping moods and muted atmospheres. Each dispersion voice will have a different Cutoff frequency centred around the ‘Cutoff’ control, creating a filtered widening effect.

Use the Comb Filter for subtle and wild metallic-like reverb textures. With a high ‘Resonance’, play with the ‘Cutoff’ and Refraction ‘Amount’ values to change the size of your reverb, and use the ‘Output LP’ filter to tame the top-end.

Use the Bitcrusher for resolution deforming effects. Adjust the voice number to explore the tonal variations of a downsampled signal - with added voices progressively increasing tonality.

For waveform warp, use the Distortion mode to add drive and gravel to your sound. Explore the refraction levels and notice how the sense of activity and chaos changes.

For surreal shimmers and atonal showers, the Harmonizer adds unique pitch and spray to the dispersed voices. Go from alien detuning with just a few voices or a cacophony of sound with the voice number turned up.

Preset library

Need some quick-fire movement, variety, or texture? Efx REFRACT preset library contains everything from mix enhancements to pure chaos in motion - all you need to do is click.

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