behind sound

We've spent over 20 years in pursuit of the perfect classic instrument software emulations, creating our own technology and pushing modeling to the limit.

These innovations led to component-level accuracy, supreme analog realism, and virtualized mechanical behavior that's just like the real thing.

It's this same technology that's allowed us to bring vintage studio gear and recording equipment to life like never before. From current passing through a vacuum tube to the degradation of magnetic tape, experience sounds indistinguishable from their hardware forebears.

True Analog Emulation

TAE® "True Analog Emulation" is Arturia's exclusive technology that accurately reproduces the defining sonic qualities of analog synthesizers. It recreates the characteristics of analog oscillators in amazing detail, transparency and clarity, as well as the exact properties of the analog filters that give each classic instrument its unique sound. Soft clipping adds even more punch and presence.

Physical Modeling

Not all keyboard legends use circuits and analog components. To reproduce the incredible acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments found within V Collection, Arturia used state-of-the-art physical modeling technology. By analyzing how each instrument creates its own unique sound, our engineers use advanced mathematical algorithms that recreate every aspect of the original.

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